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Search Engine TIPS and SERVICES

For search engine
information on links, tips,
resources, strategies and standards, see:

For search engine optimization tips, go to

or subscribe for services atResellerPlatform

Go to Scrub the Web for some free search engine submissions.

Try AddMe (button below) for more search engine submission information

Add Me!

Geting your site up is just half the battle. What's next?

If no one sees your site, what good is it?
Not much....

"Target the wrong keywords and all your efforts will be in vain."

Brent Winters, President
FirstPlace Software, Inc

>If you would like information on the best words to
include in your site for the most hits,
go to wordtracker services. Or you can spend your time more productively, and call us to do the work...

>We will be happy to consult with you on the best way to improve your search engine listings.

1. We can optimize (rewrite so that they are best set up for search engines to rank higher) your website pages for you, so that they are more likely to beat the competition and draw new customers for you. This is manual work and billed accordingly. Call for pricing.

2. Automatic submission to 100 sites, is $125 on a one time basis. We consider this a service for our website clients.

3. Pay per click or PPC. Costs will depend on factors like the demand for the product being targeted for listing. Customer fees will be based on how many hits to the site are received. This does guarantee listing placement.

Call for more information. 248-540-6105.




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